What is your soul crying out for? 

Wondering what it takes to hear God?

Wondering if prayers can be two-way conversations? 



 Find out how to create safe spaces in prayer 

to hear His voice , feel His presence and see His work in your life.

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What would life be like if you could hear God's whispers of love to you? You can have a two-way conversation with Him in prayer and the close connection you are longing for. 

When you connect with God, you find out more about your own heart.  You discover new ways to listen that bring clarity and wisdom you never thought possible.

As a Certified Spiritual Director from the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction, I meet with you to create safe, quiet spaces and walk alongside you.  Together we seek to hear more of what God wants to say to you.

I am wife to Jim, and Grandma to my four precious grandchildren under eight.  They show me how to be fully present and experience joy in the moment.   They make me laugh, which is good medicine for the soul.

I would love to meet with you and support you in your quest to discover more of God and what He wants to say to you.   You can live more free, peaceful and calm.  Contact me and we'll begin that journey to hear and see more of God in your life and find peace, freedom and love.


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Receive Sacred Moment's weekly blog for encouragement and inspiration that will help you seek God, discover ways to pray and have more two-way conversations with Him on a daily basis.

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