Longing for a relationship with God that makes you feel loved and listened to?


Let Nancy help you find the relationship with God you have always longed for.

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Lose your focus while praying…

Distracted when you get around to reading the Bible…

Quieting your mind impossible?

 Find out through spiritual direction how to create safe spaces in prayer, to hear His voice, focus on His presence, and see His work in your life.

Spiritual direction helps you fill the longing of your heart to know God.


Distracted by all that is happening around you these days? Want to find a way to focus your time with God or even feel His presence?

You can connect with God and find out more about your own heart.  In spiritual direction with a companion, you discover new ways to listen to God that bring clarity and wisdom you never thought possible.

As a Certified Spiritual Director, I meet with you to create safe, quiet spaces and walk alongside you.  Together we seek to hear more of what God wants to say to you.

I would love to meet with you to help you discover more of God and what He wants to say to you.   You can live a more abundant, peaceful life in His presence.  Contact me and we'll begin that journey to hear and see more of God in your life,

a life where you feel loved and cared for in His presence.


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Waiting on God

Waiting on God

When I got up this morning, I checked the news, as I am sure many of you did to see if the outcome of the election had been determined.  What an extraordinary week it has been.  Most of all though, I feel like I want my focus to be about waiting on God, not the...

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Receive Sacred Moment's weekly blog for encouragement and inspiration that will help you seek God, discover ways to pray and experience God on a daily basis.

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