Recently talking with a colleague, she bemoaned the fact that as soon as her feet hit the floor, her mind whirled with all of the things she had to do that day.  Her list included getting herself ready,  preparing a healthy lunch to take to work, grabbing exercise clothes for after work, throwing dishes in the dishwasher, poking the teens for school, getting breakfast, letting the dog out, thinking of last minute details for a work presentation and getting out the door on time.  She had really wanted a time of peace with God before the kids were up, but she hit the snooze button instead.  She wondered, “Would life always be this chaotic?”   All of this occurred in the 90 minutes before leaving for work….

Sound familiar?  The details may change for your household a little, yet morning life can be chaotic.  Where does the time go?  Where is the peace?  How do I slow the pace down to at least glimmer of peace to start the day, then have that peace and calm center me for the day?

I have wondered that as well.  My mind goes 100 miles an hour and I want to slow my pace and practice that peace in the middle of my chaotic life.  I know it’s important for my well-being. I am semi-retired now, yet building my own business, watching my two-year old grandson as well as being affected by things going on around the world, I don’t necessarily feel peaceful either.

Peace though, is not about things and events around me.  It’s an important inside job.  It’s a choice I can make and ask for help with.   The continual message I notice is “Quit striving.”

I think seeking peace will be a continuous journey, which is why it’s my word for the year, ha!.  I can picture peace like a river, with me floating down it, gently, when I can get myself quiet and contemplative- which means developing capacities for deep concentration and quieting the mind in the midst of the action.  Isn’t contemplative a great word picture?

Fortunately, I found a great contemplative prayer yesterday, based on Psalm 46:10 from the Gravity Center, “Be still and know that I am God.”  I felt peace wash over me as I focused on the bigger picture.  I have set a reminder on my phone to come up to the word, “be” so that I can savor that feeling throughout the day.  I can know that the God of I AM is at work within me and I can savor peace.

How to do the Be Still prayer to find peace

In this prayer, you take time to settle into a comfy chair and a quiet space – at  your desk, your car in the parking lot, your favorite chair at home.  Take a few deep breathes and acknowledge that you want to be in God’s presence.  Then between each line of the prayer, pause and take a few more deep breathes so that each line can flow deep into your heart. 

“Be still and know that I am God.”

“Be still and know that I am.”

“Be still and know .”

“Be still and know.”

“Be still and.”

“Be still.”



May you, too, find a chance to be still this day, find peace and quiet the chaos of your heart!

Nancy Booth is a certified spiritual director.  She walks alongside women who are seeking God’s fingerprints in their lives and want more awareness of what their own true identity is.  She helps women shed hurry, worry and disconnect as they seek to hear God’s voice in  everyday living.  She has a private facebook group that also prays for one another that you can join. She would also love to pray for you.  Send your request for prayers and to join the closed Sacred Moments Seeking God facebook group to