“Surrender, celebrate, pray always, give thanks for this is My will for you!”  This scripture from I Thessalonians 5:16-18 came to me when I heard some unexpected news in my life.  What does this mean?

I came to You upset, fearful, not knowing. Surrender means to give everything to You. Lord Jesus, You are in control. You see the road ahead. You are sovereign. You have things covered.  I don’t need to fear.

Celebrate means I am to celebrate each day as it comes.  Celebrate what is to come. Celebrate the things I am to learn. Celebrate the new relationships to be forged.  Celebrate the encouragement I can provide.  Celebrate what each day holds.

Prayer shows my deep dependence on You. It allows me to know You better.  You will tell me daily who and what to pray for: my family and my new extended family. You will extend mercy and grace in my prayers.  You will deal with my own feelings as I seek a bigger picture.  You will provide health, wisdom and direction. As I seek Your face, I can trust You to guide my prayers.

You tell me to pray constantly.  I have much to celebrate.

However, the way I feel is neither celebratory nor grateful.  I feel mad at my health issues. I am afraid of winter coming with my seasonal depression reoccurring earlier than usual. I am also uneasy over new relationships.  I realize it is the out of control feeling I am fighting.  I am not good at surrender!

However, You keep saying You are present, lean into Me, stay in the day.  It is hard, hard work, Lord. That is why You have called me to prayer – celebrate, give thanks and surrender.  I bring all these thoughts, emotions and feelings to You. I can leave them at Your feet.

Today, I am choosing prayer so I can celebrate, give thanks and surrender. I see You working in amazing ways, building relationships, bringing new love into the family. Thank you, Jesus, for being there for me and my family.   What are you choosing today?