Over the past several months, the nudge to share my writing again has increased. However, the resistance has as well.  My intimacy with God leaves no doubt in my mind that I am called to write and share my journey again and hopefully encourage each of you.

Well, the nudge became a shove last week as my previous blogs went out inadvertently.  If you noticed, you received blogs in your inbox that I have written in the past. I decided God has a sense of humor. I felt He was saying:

You, Nancy, will interact with your audience through blogging. I’ll help you get them out! 

So, my dear readers, I look forward to sharing our journeys to intimacy with God. I passionately believe we have a God who loves us deeply.  I will share my stories with you and hope you’ll share your stories of a God who is passionately committed to His people.

What might intimacy with God look like?

God calls us into intimacy with Him.  We long to be in a close relationship with Him and sense His love for us.  What might that look like?  Consider other close relationships you have:

  • You desire to spend time with them.
  • You want to know their likes and dislikes
  • You begin to discover their character traits
  • You love having conversations with them
  • You can sit in their presence without words

Could some of these same things be true as you approach a closer, intimate relationship with God?  YES!

Let’s journey together as we seek intimacy with Him

As we start this exploration journey, let’s find ways to grow closer to God in intimacy.

James 4:8 reminds us that as we draw near to God, He draws near to us.  How might you draw near to God?

  • Look for scriptures in God’s word that tell you how God sees you
  • Write prayer requests and put in a jar so that each morning you can pray over a few each day, then note how they get answered
  • Meet with a friend who will encourage you spiritually
  • Take a prayer walk and chat with God as you walk, pouring out the longings of your heart

What are the longings of your heart?

What might you notice in your day-to-day life that signals God wants to get to know and love you more?

One thing I am certain.  He’s nudged me back into writing.  What nudges are you experiencing?

Nancy Booth, author, and spiritual director, passionately desires her readers to connect intimately with God. She loves encouraging others to notice God in their day-to-day lives and His love and pursuit of them. She would love to pray for you as you travel on your journey to growing closer to God. Email her at nancy@mysacredmoments.com