Each time I think about a regular writing routine, the red flag of resistance raises its ugly head. What is this resistance monster? What makes me so stuck? I began to seek answers and look to regain my confidence.

Matthew Kelly, in his book, Resisting Happiness discusses two types of resistance: 1. The resistance to start usually involves procrastination – fear of failure and or perfectionism. 2. The resistance can pop up in the middle of a project as a type of fine-tuning, taking time to step back and look at what you’re doing to see what may be adjusted or done more productively.

Procrastination and perfectionism – are those the culprits? Thoughts bounce through my mind like a rubber ball. I hear” Just do it.” “But I don’t know what to write.” “I am better at telling or teaching than sowing something” “What if no one reads what I write?” “I can only write when I have a block of time.” Sounds like procrastination to me, fear of failure and perfectionism combined.

I also realized I wanted writing to be effortless, easy to do, and roll off my pen.  However, God brought another book to my attention by Ed Czewski, Pray, Write, Grow Cultivating Prayer and Writing Together to me that writing takes work and effort. Thank you for reminding me to work at this writing calling He has asked me to do, even if it is a gift and skill.

Finally, the last encouragement to keep going and settle in to write came in the form of scripture, Isaiah 50:10 AMP:

Who is among you who fears the Lord, Who obeys the voice of His Servant, Yet who walks in darkness and has no light?
Let him trust and be confident in the name of the Lord and let him rely on his God.

I have been walking around in darkness. I am to remember my writing is not about me. It’s about my trust, confidence, and reliance on God to lead me in my writing. He’ll provide the light and the ideas. What freedom, peace, and focus can I enjoy in writing with God as my writing partner?  For example, this blog came together in less than an hour as I sensed His direction in what to write and how to write it.

What about you?

Is there something you are resisting right now? Have you discovered the source of your resistance?  I pray you take the time to spend with God and ask Him what may be interfering.

How can you trust and be confident through those inner promptings of the Spirit?

I’m betting you’ll gain some insights.

Comment below about the resistance you are facing.  How can I pray for you?

Nancy Booth, author, and spiritual director, passionately desires her readers to connect intimately with God. She loves encouraging others to notice God in their day-to-day lives and His love and pursuit of them. She would love to pray for you as you explore growing closer to God. Contact her at nancy@mysacredmoments.com