I searched frantically around the store.  Where could she be? My then four-year-old daughter had been right beside me moments before as we together looked at the colorful clothes.

I scanned the aisles. I checked the overhead mirrors. Aha! Movement in the circular sweater rack. “There you are!” She popped out beaming.  I gave her a huge hug, strengthening her with my love. Whew!

Isn’t that like God to go looking for each of us?  How often do we hide from God or ignore His presence?  In 2 Chronicles 16:9a, NIV, we are reminded:

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 

For my daughter, hide and seek in the store – great fun! For me, sheer panic!

God is not panicking but diligently scanning the horizon for us because of His love.  He wants to strengthen us, love on us, and let us know of His presence in our lives.

However, I know I have to come out of hiding in the circular spin of social media, or the smothering of idle talk, or even the good things that distract me from being attentive to His presence.

I felt God’s loving attention on me this past week when a friend asked me, “What could you do for yourself today?” The thought that popped into my mind immediately was, “I could paint my nails.”  Now that’s not a habit I do regularly, nor do I remember the last time I painted my nails.  “Yes,” she said, “And make it a bold color.”

So I painted my nails a rosy pink and each time I glanced at them, it made me smile this week. I sensed that reminder was a playful touch from God and brought joy.

Are you paying attention to His gaze or playing hide and seek with God?

When have you felt God’s loving attention focused on you? What was it like?

Lord God,

Raise my awareness of how often you seek me out during the day. May I be attentive to Your strength, love, and attention in my life. 


Nancy Booth, author, and spiritual director, passionately desires her readers to connect intimately with God. She loves encouraging others to notice God in their day-to-day lives as He loves and pursues them.  She would love to pray and help anyone explore growing closer to God. Contact her at nancy@mysacredmoments.com