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This is My Story

Have you wondered if freedom, peace, and calm are possible in your life?  That shame, anxiety, fear and anger could actually be less prevalent?  That the darkness of depression and the overwhelming tiredness could change?  That God could actually have something to say to you? 

Well, my life five years ago was dark and tired.  I had clinical depression and anxiety, with suicidal thoughts.  Each day was a challenge to get out of bed.  I was surprised at my swirling thoughts.

Where are you God?  Would I ever be free from these thoughts, feelings and tiredness?  How can I hear your voice?

My friend, Amy, invited me to a Holy Yoga retreat, which is yoga focused on the holiness of God, the accompaniment of Jesus and the companionship of the Holy Spirit..

At this retreat, the first question I received in my gift bag was:.

“Are you here for some healing?” 

That question and that retreat started the healing process for me.  He had words of love, healing and restoration for me.  

I have found that safe spaces, silence, solitude and a community of companions are what it takes to hear God’s healing words and feel His touch..

That retreat was only the beginning of my journey. However, I am happy to say, I am healthy, whole, free, peaceful and calm today because of the listening and journey God has led me on.

I have become a certified spiritual director to companion with women who want to take a journey that involves two-way conversations with God.   Are you someone ready to be free, peaceful and calm? 

You can discover the wonder of two-way conversations with God through scriptural prayers, silence and solitude, breathe prayer and letting a spiritual director accompany you to the heart of God.  

Let’s get started. 





I would love to travel with you in your journey.